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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stanford campus. >> and a woman attacked. the surveillance video authorities want you to see. >> and stopping the ebola virus in its track. >> and the fog will burn off early. we're going to be warm in some of your hot spots. we keep the cooling coming in all the way through thursday. warming weekend and rain on the way. lots to go over in your microclimate in just moments. >> coming up, issues in mass transit. >> and we'll take a live look outside from the beautiful san bruno mountain. as christina just mentioned, temps down today, outlook up. this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday
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morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. >> the u.s. is gearing up to boost the screening of travelers at several of the country's busiest airports in the hopes of keeping the ebola virus from spreading any further. this move comes after the president declared the ebola virus a national priority. >> reporter: that's right. the president did announce yesterday that the research is focused on how to boost the passenger screening process at airports like sfo. he made that announcement adding how to best ensure medical professionals know what to do should they come across a suspected case of ebola.
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50,000 containers of dr. dolan's hydrating treatment, drip drop, are headed overseas. >> 11% of surveyed americans are very worried about ebola exposure with 21% indicating they are somewhat worried. we did speak with officials here at sfo who say in the meantime they do feel prepared with the cdc experts to join first
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responders should there be a suspected case, they've got the ability to meet aboard the aircraft and assess the situation right away. >> we'll see if this does assuage fears. thank you very much. >> the first person attracts the virus outside of africa. a nurse has now tested positive for ebola. she was part of a team that treated a priest last month. she only entered the patient's room, we're told, twice. >> the nbc cameraman infected with eblola is said nobody good spirits. he was working with dr. nancy snide ayde
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snyderman when he fell ill. dr. snyderman and her crew were checked when they arrived and all said they felt good. >> officials say thomas eric duncan is in critical condition. officials will meet today to discuss how the county is preparing for a potential ebola case here in the bay area. >> it is 6:04 on your tuesday. police on the peninsula are looking to find a man accused of exposing himself to a 14-year-old girl. this happened near stanford's campus yesterday afternoon near bryant street. bob, police say the man followed her for a while before actually approaching her. what you have learned?
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>> it's very creepy what he did. fortunately she got away okay and made the right call by immediately calling 911. police have not yet been able to find this man. that's why we need your help. this happened around 4:45 on bryant street, a residential area. the girl, 14 years old was walking down the sidewalk when she noticed a man in a blue pickup truck slowly following her from behind. a couple of times he stopped. she kept walking. but when he tried again, she did make eye contact with him and noticed that inside the cab of the vehicle, the pickup truck, he was exposing herself. >> she made eye contact with him. he's a white man, mid 30s,
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medium build, short brown hair and was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, black aviator-style sunglasses. the pickup truck was navy blue in color, looked clean and appeared to her it was relatively new. police have stepped up patrols in that area, any routes that kids may be taking because they do want to try to find this man. reporting live outside palo alto police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a subject who assaulted an elderly woman on a busy way in the street. you can see a woman pushing a shopping card and then passes
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one of them to the ground. the suspect is described as in her 50s. if you recognize the woman in the video, please contact police. >> we'll check your morning commute. first let's check in with christina. >> a little bit of a cooldown, which makes everything a little bit easier. you can probably get by without that air conditioning on today. as we head throughout the rest of the week, the weather story is continued cooling. so that's the good news. a lot of people are sick of the heat. it's fall after all. temperatures now kind of all over the place. we've got the heat island effect. kind of holding on to some of
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that heat yesterday. it radiates from the pan. >> 83 degrees for the south bay, beautiful conditions coming your way on the peninsula for today. like i said, go ahead and close the windows up in your home, open up the windows once that sun starts to set. let's talk about the weather story, what's going on with our satellite emagery. we have this area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska. that's what is increasing our on su sure. >> in fact, you'll of us have to prove through thursday. we have a big ridge high pressure, starts to weaken, take
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a hike outta here and for us that translate to some really comfortable conditions out there. watch out for a little fog out there. tropics are okay through san jose but what do i know? let's check with the expert. hi, mike. >> that's it now. we'll start with this. we're looking over at the approach toward treasure island with the taillights coming around that bend and the tower slowing a bit. it looks like it's stopping at that turn but it is not. the jove heated bus, we're hear they're trying to get it off the roadway. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't see that it's mork and
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we're going to see a slowdown again. south 880 slows a bit down toward the san mateo bridge. the try valley looked a a mish bo bowl. >> i like how you know what's going to happen when it does. >> it's just the creature, it's tuesday. >> 6:10 right now. a california man brings home the most prestigious award in physics. his invention just ahead. >> plus schools are under pressure not to track students
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online. tell persian gulf
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. welcome back now. good tuesday morning. 6:13 is the time. we are tracking thick pockets of fog. we'll tell you when that is going to burn off. your microclimate forecast coming up. >> we're looking north toward high street. we can't quite see the bend. we'll show you going into the city and areas of concern. >> santa clara supervisors meeting to discuss what is being done in the county in light of recent ebola events. >> police have added extra patrols in one peninsula neighborhood. a 14-year-old girl noticed a pickup truck driving slowly behind her and she said she saw him touching himself but he sped away before police could arrive. >> santa clara police, valley transportation officials holding a meeting tonight talking about how the stadium impacts the area. the meeting is open to everyone and starts at 7:00. >> turning now to decision 2014, it's probably the only debate between two democrats. ro khanna has a lot of support from silicon valley and candidate honda has spent a lot of time in washington. >> if we can bail out wall street, we can get students to pay back their loans at 2% been. >> i understand the disparity. nobody who works full time should live in poverty.
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>> khanna was behind 20 points in the primary. >> high tech companies are taking a cue from california, protecting your kids' privacy. >> they do so much in school, online tutoring, everyone kid knows about well, california has made that illegal. education web sites can not track kids as of october 1st. as of this morning, microsoft in a consortium of other companies that said they'll take california's law and make it a self-imposed rule nationwide soso the kid in california are protected. >> do you recognize this web site?
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of course you don't. red box is closing down its web site. it will continue to operate its machines. and hewlett packard with a $3 billion gain, enough to put more pressure on other companies to split up. i think we're thinking specifically of cisco. >> a couple of years ago some scientists won the nobel prize for fizz ibs for their discovery of black body form in the cosmic microwave -- nobody knows who that is. this year they give it to guys who invented the blue light emitting die yod. to create white light you nez.
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>> you just boil that lesson down to a science lesson. >> giants fans, the sweep is off the table but the giants still have a chance of closing things out this evening at home. yesterday they literally threw away this game, at least madison bumgarner did. that throw went awry and scored two runs. the nationals would go on to win this one 4-1. >> let's take a live look
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outside, at&t park. a little cooler weather today. those guys were pretty hot on the field. let's check the forecast with christina. >> perfect conditions for a victory. what do you think of that? >> that sounds good. but you know there's always going to be a little drama. we want to feel that pain but we want it to be followed by a victory. everything that it takes, guys, we want to teep that something going opinion. >> here's where you get that exclusive access. if they keep going, we keep bringing you that behind-the-scenes goodness. 52 degrees in oakland. good morning to you, san jose. the entire silicon valley waking up in the 50s this morning, which means it's comfortable out
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there. we do have a pretty good temperature separation between santa rosa and san francisco. meanwhile, we don't have a lot of pavement up in the country, santa rosa, you're at 46 degrees. that's an indication of what happens when all that concrete, that absorbs the heat from the previous day. overnight it lab lot more comfortable for you. let's talk about where the fog is this morning. we do have some thick pockets out there that could interrupt a smooth drive to work. you want to take it really cautiously. right now we're seeing the thickest pockets on the south end of north county and coast end of marin county. mike and i, traffic and weather together. we'll track that as we head throughout the next few hours. it should be gone by about 9:00 a.m. we're expecting good
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clearing throughout your inland valley spots. just an hour after the sun's arrival. temperatures today look like, there 83 for the south bay. peninsula at 81 degrees. that's going to keep your temperatures down. 77 degrees on the oakland side of the bay bridge and that's a pretty comfortable day. as we head throughout the rest of the week, temperatures continue to drop off and this is the big weather news. this chance for reason is into the letting ul. >> >> because we're in a doubt, we're looking for any single possibility. >> we do have moisture in the air but not rain, it fog.
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look at the map. we're talking about traffic and weather together and all of the traffic flows smoothly across that golden gate bridge. highway start by the time you get to nevada, eastbound 80, we do have a crash at american canyon that is causing flowing and it major damage to that car. the rest of your bay looking pretty predictably as far as 880. the tri-valley for south 680 and northbound routes show the sri down for 80, i had to travel north on 101 past 680. west 58 does slow as you come up
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toward the dublin interchange. and of course the bay bridge toll plaza where you see the low clouds hovering around. they're above the drivers. you just have the build causing the slowdown. back to you. >> time now is 6:23 on your tuesday. a very disturbing discovery at a day care. a young girl brings hundreds of bags of heroin and hand it out to her classmates. tch
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. >> save the date for the most buzzed about new comedy "marry me."
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strong winds flipping a display structure in beijing, china. 13 children were injured, including a 3-year-old who suffered a fractured skull and is in serious condition. >> more charges could soon be filed against a delaware mother arrested after her 4-year-old daughter passed out little bags of heroin to classmates. police say the girl brought -- or nearly 250 small bags of the
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drugs to day care yesterday and brought them to her classmates thinking they were candy. they say the girl got this many from the back pack her mother had. >> that's disturbing. coming up, scott mcgrew with a look at the markets today.
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a temporary but impactful ruling for same-sex couples. >> and temperatures drop steadily. the coolest day will be thursday. we'll heat you back up for the weekend and still tracking a chance for rain. we'll tell you where and when in your microclimate forecast. >> low clouds sticking around.
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a new incident for those heading across the bay bring. >> and markets open on the nyse this morning. looks like a fairly quiet day. we're waiting on the fed minutes. there's the ringing of the bell. there's your nasdaq as well as the markets get under way. >> and what about some baseball getting under way. >> what about it. >> we didn't get the sweep yesterday but maybe tonight. the giants taking on the nationals. it is tuesday, october 7. this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning for the first time gay and lesbian couples are legally marrying in the conservative south because the supreme court declined to hear any challenges regarding any ban
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on gay marriage. tracie potts joins us from washington, d.c. the decision is not the final word on the issue but by not saying anything, the justices actually said a lot. >> exactly. this wasn't a decision, it wasn't a ruling. it was a list of cases, 81 pages and somewhere in that 81 pages were these same-sex cases that they are not going to hear. the up shot of all of that, there are now five more states like california that can allow same-sex marriage, plus six others mothered by the same courts may soon do the same. >> there are still 20 states that have bans and opponents argue that those bans should stay in place because it's not a
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final decision for the nation and many court observers. >> and another conversation going on this morning at 6:32. what is your weather going to look like? a lofty look at the bay area from the san bruno mountains. >> that's right. it's nice out there. when ary going to feel fall, christina? >> well, tomorrow it going to feel fall. it will feel like fall today in san francisco. temperatures are going to be really, really nice. thanks for waking up with us this morning. right now we're in the 50s in most locations. you're in the low 60s in san francisco and upper 40s to kick off the day meanwhile. temperatures are going to be warm but not bad.
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i can take 83 degrees, can you, in the south bay? 77 on the east short, 68 in san francisco, 87, not as hot for today in the north bay. let's talk about what's going on out there. this area of low pressure, which is all the way in the gulf of alaska is increasing our onshow flow in the bay area. we'll continue to keep continued cooling all the way through thursday as the ridge of high pressure breaks down, heads to the east and ocean air is transported all the way inland. we're in store for a comfortable stretch. lower temperatures by thursday, into the weekend and by the weekend maybe friends again .
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>> remember this is a rooftop camera across the coliseum. there is not an issue as far as visibility in oakland. south of the coliseum, a slower drive down past the san mateo bridge, for the nimitz bridge. the toll plaza has been cleared. a little slowing toward the dublin grade, across.
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>> a lot of green here including the south bay. we'll give you some live looks outside as well. the metering lights are on so that guess back toward west 580. the low clouds hovering the east shore freeway. but speeds we saw from the earlier map moving smoothly. a nice easy view from palo alto across the bay from oakland. picking up a good amount of volume. but here south of university and willow where we're taking a look, they've opened up a couple of those lanes they've been working on for the last basically year. palo alto has been much more smooth. there are two hov lanes heading. >> you're just doing your job. >> thank you very much. 6:35 on your tuesday.
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the markets have been open for a few minutes now. >> let's check the numbers. >> the dow industrials losing 131 points this morning. it's going to be a fairly slow day despite the triple digit loss. we'll talk about hewlett packard. it's lower this morning after a huge gain yesterday. it gained about 5% on all that breakup news, that 5% good enough for $3 billion on market capitalization. this could put pressure on other companies to break up. if you can invent $3 billion in a day. >> if i could invent $3 billion, i wouldn't. >> there's a live look at at&t park where we have some feisty
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giants players looking to bounce back after throwing away a chance at a sweep yesterday. amy g. will bring us reaction from inside the clubhouse in our orange and black update.
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a win punches the ticket to the national league series. >> amy gutierrez talked to some of the players about what they need to make sure. >> reporter: fans understandably disappointed after the giants unable to clinch the conference championship. a costly error.
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>> can't throw the ball away. just screwed it up for us. it's unfortunate. we handed it it to them. >> just beat them as hard as we can on winning the next game. no matter what the result is, all results, all standings. go out and concentrate on what the task is at hand. >> a story is pablo sandoval's postseason hitting streak, which went to 14 games yesterday. the giants have a chance to clinch the nlds. >> first pitch is at 6:07 this evening. >> coming up, why you're being asked to share your thoughts about the new levi's stadium. >> and a flasher on the loose.
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what authorities are saying about a man who flashed himself to a 13-year-old girl. >> and a live look outside. wow, that is awe striking, that picture of downtown san jose. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break. stay with us.
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airports across the country, including here in the bay area,
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may have extra screenings. this might sound like an added annoyance at the airports but the president is making it a priority and it might allay some fears. >> that's right. what this could mean when you pass through an airport like sfo here. no clear directives on what the president and his administration will want to do. he did say the research is focused on how to boost the passenger screening process. the president made the announcement yesterday saying the chance of an outbreak here in the u.s. is extremely low but there's not a lot of room for additional error. they're looking into ensuring medical professionals will know exactly how to respond should they come across a suspected case of ebola. >> we have cdc staff that would
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join ems first responders in actually meeting that flight and making the assessment on board the aircraft as to what the condition is. that's something that would apply to all flights. >> the pew research center said americans are worried with some wanting to stop flights from africa. the obama administration said so far it is not considering that as a measure. the impacted countries in west africa have been screening passengers on their way out. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> the president's announcement comes amidst news of the first person to contract the virus outside of africa. the female nurse was part of a
6:47 am
team that treated a priest last month who had ebola in west africa and was brought to spain for treatment. she only entered that patient's room twice. >> the abc cameraman infected with ebola is reportedly in good spirits. he is receiving treatment and doctors expect his condition to actually worsen before it gets better. he was working with nbc's dr. nancy snyderman and his team when he got sick. snyderman arrived in the united states last night and she and her crew were immediately checked by health officials when they arrived. they all say they're feeling well and are in good health. >> the ebola patient thomas eric duncan is in critical condition. officials will meet today to discuss how the county is preparing for potential ebola cases. >> the "today" show continues
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with live reports from omaha, nebraska and d.c. that's coming up at 7:00 this morning. >> a heavier topic there. on a lighter note, we check out the golden gate bridge to check out what's going on christina. apparently cars can see again. visibility always an issue. also you can expect a bit of a break from the heat we've seen the last few days. >> i think the kid are going to be happy about that, too. >> the moms. >> you can feel comfortable getting them outdoors. here is one little asterisk i have to put beside that note. so 30 plus spf uv index. we do have a good looking cameraman who distracts me sometimes.
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as you're getting your day going, you're trying to figure out what do i wear today? you want to dress in layers in the north bay. you're starting out very chilly there. in san francisco, though, you can probably go without jacket. we're going to see the fog burn off pretty rapidly. at this point it's mostly confined to the immediate coastline. we're going to keep that westerly flow going. so even when the fog burns off, that cool air will funnel inland. temperatures for the day will be in the 80s. the places that are going to be the coolest will be at the coast. we're going to clear much earlier, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 77 for the east shore, 80 on the peninsula and 83 on the north bay. tonight big game and i do think
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wind is going to impact tonight's giants game. i want to tip my hat to city hall. we love when you illuminate city hall in orange for our giants. the wind intensifying over the course of the game. but instead of like yesterday we saw those flags going out toward mccovey cove, tonight they're going to be blowing right out toward that scoreboard and we could see gusts strong enough to potentially pick up and carry that ball. as we head throughout the rest of the week, temperatures continue to call through thursday, we'll boost them out for the weekend, you can get out and hit the beach if you want to. our next chance for rain arrives on thursday of next week, a ways away but we like to be optimistic here, mike. over to you. >> it may be a ways away but at least it's in the outlook. what's here is a sudden slowing for west 92. you know visibility is all right as the low clouds are keeping
6:51 am
above 92 but this is a burst of folks who are all heading over to the peninsula. look at san jose. not quite as dramatic. we do see low clouds. the maps will show you the whole south bay really starting to all slow down, 87, 280 and 101. more traffic in that northbound build. it will just continue throughout the morning. a smooth drive but slower south 880. this is not so bad considering it's a tuesday. we expect a heavier volume all around the bay. and we already saw that slowing west 92. the dunbarton bridge moving slowly, though. the low clouds not a problem for drivers on the east shore freeway. they may touch the oakland hills. look at this shot.
6:52 am
just on the north side, we can't see where it touches ground on the north bay. be careful, back to you. >> thank you very much. santa clara police and officials at levi's stadium plan to talk o off-field strategy tonight. they want to know what impact the stadium has had on the community. >> good morning. we've talked about traffic, we've talked about congestion and now a lot of people are talking about a violent brawl caught on camera and a lot of people are wondering if this is going to spill out into their community. this was a fight that happened in the bathroom at the stadium right before kickoff on sunday. it was caught on camera and it's fueling the conversation. the video is certainly shocking. it is crystal clear two victims had to go to the hospital where
6:53 am
one remains in serious condition. santa clara police arrested two men from the key city area for felony assault, and some might say this was an isolated incident. but if you look at what we found on the santa clara police arrest log for sunday, those arrests were monot considered. however, there were 23 people arrested citywide. 14 were arrested at the levi stadium address, four others in the parking lot and two others arrested in blue lot 1 and five
6:54 am
arrests in green lot 5. >> there's also the issue of persistent parking problems at the stadium. after that first home game, lots of folks jumping curbs after waiting for hours in their cars with little direction. there's also the traffic flow and impact on the vta line. that meeting is set for 7:00 tonight and will run until 8:30. you don't have to rsvp. you can just show up. fan who is go to the games are invited, along with the business owners who may be feeling the impact on their cash registers. >> police have added extra
6:55 am
patrols in a neighborhood where a man exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl. bob redell joins us. bob, perverted behavior that has law enforcement on the hunt trying to find the man responsible. >> they're concerned enough they've boosted patrols in that area. that area we're talking about is in the area of the 1600 block of bryant street, which is not too far from downtown palo alto where police headquarters are located. yesterday there was a 14-year-old girl walking down the section of that street, actually on the sidewalk. sheep noticed a person, a man in blue pickup truck was slowly following her from behind. he did pull over a couple of times but she kept walking. when he tried again, she made eye contact, she saw him inside his truck exposing himself. she called 911.
6:56 am
she did get a good enough look at him to give a description, white man, mid 30s, medium build, short brown hair wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, black aviator style sunglasses. she didn't get the make and model of the truck but said it was full size, navy blue in color, clean and believes it might have been relatively new. >> hopefully authorities are able to find that man. >> a principal at a private high school has resigned this morning after being caught in a hotel room with. >> price was the principal at the branson school in ross. hall picture here was also arrested during the investigation. price said he and hall had a casual relationship.
6:57 am
police were tipped off by hall's boyfriend. >> and scott mcgrew, she says it's a sex crime. >> speaking out in "vanity fair," she said she would give up all the money she made in "hunger games" not to have to call her father and tell him there were nude photos of her online. she doesn't blame apple but she does blame the web sites which showed those pictures responsible. >> here's a previously top secret document from the government that yahoo! was able to convince a judge is to release. it was a huge victory for yahoo!. keep in mind as as we look ahead for tomorrow lawyers for the electron being frontier foundation cramming for their case before the ninth circuit
6:58 am
where they'll argue national security letters are unconstitutional. a district court agrees. that's why it's made it to the appellate court. the ninth is pretty liberal so the case does stand a chance. the letters are sent to companies like google and yahoo!. they're not allowed to talk to them tomorrow. we'll talk about them tomorrow so bring your constitution hat tomorrow. >> so much secrecy surrounding those letters. >> nbc's dr. nancy nesnyderman d her team are back in the u.s. after her photographer was flown to nebraska. >> three scientists winning the nobel prize for blue light emitted diodes.
6:59 am
>> and ryan vogelsong will take the mound for the giants. a win tonight would send them on to the national league championship series. >> a pair of kangaroos go pouch to pouch, and it's all caught in australia. >> the two get into a kicking map. they had no interest in any of the onlookers. they were only focused on each other. i don't know if this is brotherly love or if it's a little bit testy. it appears that love is in the air. this is a mating process. this time of year, it's not uncommon for male kangaroos to fight for dominance add the rights to court the females. >> in the suburbs. that's what it looks like. >> which one of them drove that pickup to the scene? >> why is it so captivating? >> it like a bad car accident. you have to keep watching. >> they are big, strong animals.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening. we're back at 7:25 with a live local update for you. >> and join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. until then we will see you soon. have a great day. good morning. good morning. national security priority. that's how the president now describes the ebola crisis, as new screening measures are considered for passengers arriving in the u.s. and experimental drugs will be used on two ebola patients in this country. aiding isis? we're learning more about the chicago teenager arrested at o'hare airport for allegedly trying to join the enemy, while the terror group storms a key city in syria, despite u.s.-led air strikes. this morning, former defense secretary leon panetta and why he says the president's actions


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